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How To Avoid Losing Your Items When You Move House

There’s nothing worse than discovering that you’ve lost items in your house move, and tearing through all of your boxes to try and find what you’re looking for can be a complete nightmare! If you want to keep track of all of your belongings when you move house then take a look at this easy guide for the best tips and tricks!1)    Buy the right packing supplies.The best way to ensure that none of your items go missing when you move is to properly label your boxes and bags. Before you start packing, take a trip to your local shops and stores to buy white sticking labels, marker pens in various colours and coloured string if you’re using bags to move your items. Having the right supplies can make a huge difference to your moving day, and it’s definitely worth investing in the right labelling equipment to ensure that you don’t lose track of anything that you own!2)    Labelling your boxes.There are many ways to label your boxes and bags. As you pack each room of your home, label the boxes using your marker pens and labels. Take the time to write on which room the box has come from and whether the box is fragile. It’s also a great idea to number your boxes in order of importance, packing the essential items that you need into your “1” and “2” boxes. Doing this will mean that you can have easy access to the items that you and your family use most of each room. If you have lots of important boxes per room then try using different coloured pens so that you know when the contents of the boxes shifts from being important to less essential.3)    Packing essentials boxes.What goes into your essentials boxes will vary greatly from person to person. If you have children or an infant then pack their boxes according to their needs and likes so that you don’t have to search through every box to find a specific toy or snack. For your own boxes, try to keep essentials medical, food-related or work-related, so that you have can have everything that you need for the first few days in your home without the need to unpack everything that you own.4)    Food.Food should be unpacked pretty quickly – especially if you have frozen or perishable items with you. It’s a good idea to unpack food as fast as you can, as it will mean that you and your family won’t be stuck for meals, and it will ensure that your food stays fresher for as long as it needs to. Be careful when moving with frozen items – always pack them separately and in a cooling bag, and never move long-distance with frozen food as it’s unlikely to survive the journey.5)    Not packing by room.There are some items that we all own that should be packed into separate boxes. Wires and chargers from your bedroom should be placed with living room wires and batteries in a clearly labelled box, so that you don’t need to wonder where things like this are. It’s a good idea to put light bulbs in a box like this too! You might also want to do the same when it comes to other odd bits and bobs that you might find, as this will make it easier to find items and unpack them when you get to your new home.

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