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Packing for a Skiing Vacation

You have planned a ski vacation, but don't have any idea how to pack and what to take with you? If you are going on a ski holiday for the first time, even thinking about all the ski gear that you have can be daunting: ski and poles, helmet or hat, gloves, jacket and pants, goggles and so on. Packing efficiently for a ski holiday is not that hard and time-consuming though. There are a few tips which will help you do that in a timely manner. First pack your ski clothing in the order that you put it on - this will help you remember to pack everything: start with the base layer (warm long underwear), then mid layer (a sweater) and lastly ski jacket and pants. Depending on the length of your holiday, decide how much clothing you need. It's not reasonable to wear wet ski clothing, so if you are going for a few days and plan to ski in the morning and afternoon, take two base and mid-layers. Pack your ski accessories - socks (at least 2 pairs per day), helmet or a hat, two pairs of ski gloves or mittens and goggles. Many people forget that sunscreen is a must during a ski holiday. Sunburn is particularly severe when you are spending a day under the bright sun, because the snow reflects the rays. Once you pack the clothing for wearing on the slopes, proceed with the clothing needed during the rest of the time. If you are staying at a nice hotel, prepare two outfits per day and don't forget to pack strong boots for walking. After that it's time to pack your ski equipment. One option is to rent at the place, but check about renting policies before you leave. Many skiers prefer to bring at least their own ski boots. If you are driving, you can put the ski equipment in the boot, but if you are flying it's a good idea to invest in a ski bag. It will protect your skis, boots and poles. It is also easier for carrying. Just like every other holiday, keeping things organized is essential. It's easier if you prepare a list and follow it. Before booking your flight, check the airline's policies on ski equipment. If you want to save some space in your bags, you can pack smaller items in the ski bag, such as gloves, socks and gaiters. Take with you a small first-aid kit and all the essentials you take on other holidays. If you want to stay on the slopes for longer, it's better not to book lunch, or you will have to go back to the hotel. Take sandwiches or snacks with you or eat in nearby restaurants which wouldn't mind your ski equipment on. It is useful to have face moisturizer and body lotion for after a long day on the slopes. If you are taking a snowboard with you, make sure it is properly packed and secured, with your name and telephone number on it. Before leaving for your vacation make sure you take your chargers with you and keep your phone always charged and with you in case of emergency. When you are packing for a skiing holiday, invest in quality après ski shoes, waterproof ski pants and goggles with strong UV protection. Quality ski equipment is durable and can be used for years, so it's worth the investment. Owning your own ski equipment will also help you save on renting every year which can be quite expensive. Follow these guidelines for easy packing - a ski holiday rarely allows one to pack light, but it isn't impossible either.

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