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Packing Tips For Efficient House Removals

Do you want to avoid ending up in your new house with your cutlery in a box of underwear, toiletries in with the teapot, or your private belongings dumped in the sitting room? Therefore, it’s imperative to apply logic to your packing process. You must take great care with packing similar objects together, and not only that, but labelling everything accurately. Removal companies, once you have signed a contract, will not have a problem delivering boxes to you for you to begin packing whenever you want to. We all have stores of things put away... a new tin of polish, floor cleaner bought before the old one has run out, extra deodorants, soaps, or private items that we wish to remain so, and these can safely packed away with the boxes sealed and labelled before hulking removal men transport them somewhere else. Things which are not in common usage can also be packed; out of season clothes, footwear, ball gowns if you're not likely to be invited to a ball before you leave, tinned food that won't be eaten, or the books of photographs which are so precious, can also be packed in advance. The removal firm will provide you with tissue paper for your more valuable items. If you have ever watched the stacking of a removal lorry, or indeed the unpacking, the movers really can't be expected to treat every box as though it contains porcelain. If however, it does contain porcelain, it doesn't matter who packs it... the removal men may even be more careful than you, but it MUST be labelled correctly. The men will treat boxes of valuables very carefully. Should you own a large amount of books, and decide to pack them in advance, they must be packed in small boxes if you want to remain on speaking terms with your removal men. If you fill the largest boxes you are given to the top with books, you can probably expect cross comments about weight and hernias to be made within your hearing. As the removal day approaches, the boxes can be packed as things cease to be used. Will you be using the salad bowl or the Christmas cake stand again? Open boxes which are not full should always be left in the appropriate room if at all possible. This will lessen the chances of knickers ending up in your new kitchen, and generally make life easier. If you do not have room, and need to put it elsewhere, the key to retaining a tight grip on organisation is to label it. Whether with a marker pen, or colour-coded stickers, labelling is all you have to quickly identify the sealed boxes when you arrive in your new home. However, when the removal day itself arrives, priority swaps. Everything will be packed. You will need to keep an empty box in the kitchen to put the last minute plates and mugs, jar of coffee, milk and biscuits in that you have been using to keep everyone going.  And this box is probably the most vital one. Keep it with you, preferably, or at the very least - last on the lorry and first off. This is good advice to follow if you want to keep the removal men happy!

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