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What You Need To Know About Storage Units

There literary hundreds of Storage units everywhere.  Just a quick internet search will find you loads of storage facilities in your area, all promoting what they have to offer due to stiff competition. But take not that all storage units offers what they may initially seem to be.  There a many things to take into consideration whilst choosing your storage unit, it is best to shop around for a suitable storage unit that really suits your needs.Here are 8 tips whilst considering your storage unit. 1.    Always shop around, with mostly most companies having a website it is easy to compare deals, website information should also include everything ou need to know, always visit your storage facility before buying online. This will enable you to see the exact size, how clean the unit is, how accessible and convenient the unit will to you and also the security system they will have in place, by paying the storage unit a visit will also gain you knowledge of employees attitudes and you will know the complete price of the storage unit and terms and conditions that go with it.  If you are not happy in anyway with what they have on offer then move on to your second choice. 2.    Ensure you understand what you are signing when taking a contract with your storage unit, as different companies will offer contracts, make sure you understand any issues regarding late fees or any other penalties.  You may also be expected to pay an admin fee or deposit whilst signing the contract or a month’s rent upfront, you will also need to take two forms of ID generally a driving license or passport or a utility bill. 3.    Ensure that your storage unit is accessible at times or days that suits you, some storage units will be accessible 24 hours a day whilst others may only be a selected hours.  Make sure you keep to hand the storage units telephone number just in case you may need it in an emergency. 4.    If you are storing expensive or valuable belongings ensure that the storage facilities are up to standards, this may include gated premises, cameras and a security guard. Your own storage unit should have its own personal lock. 5.    Ensure you know the storage unit you are renting in term sof climate or temperature controlled, climate controlled units keeps a regulated temperature inside the unit and will keep humidity out,  where as a temperate controlled unit will keep a regular temperature but will not be immune to humidity or moisture. 6.     If choosing an outside storage unit ensure that you take a look around the premises, look for any signs of infestations such as rodents or insects, telltale signs will be dropping, dead insects or nests around the unit, such intruders can serious effect your possession in the storage unit.7.    It is advisable to take a friend or family member with you whilst viewing the unit and always check out a few units before making your final discussion.8.    Lastly remember you are paying for the facilities and will enter a legal contract with the company, so it may be worth investing a bit more money in a more up to date storage unit in terms of how clean, new and secure it will be, remember your personal possessions will be stored there for a number or weeks or months.

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