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A Quick Guide to The Proper Use of a Moving Vehicle

A moving vehicle is one of the things any relocation is impossible without, unless you are moving out of your childhood home or the university for the first time and all your belongings fit in a regular car, in which case you shouldn't be reading this article at all. In any other case, a regular-sized car is too small to fit everything, or the moving van is too big to come into the narrow alley in front of your building, or too difficult to be manoeuvred, and so on. Read this quick guide to learn how to actually use your moving vehicle.

It's not about the money you will spend on the idle time of the vehicle, although this is also important, but what should matter most is the time schedule for your moving day. You have to make this schedule and agree with everyone involved to stick to it. There is enough pressure on Moving Day even under "normal" circumstances: time pressure makes stress about ten times more stressful. Pay extra attention to the time scheduled for the moving vehicle to be at your previous residence. Upon my experience is better to add half and hour or even an hour to the predicted time when it shall be needed. Wondering why is that? Easy. On Moving Day being 10-15 minutes behind schedule is normal, plus you never know what exactly will go wrong and having an additional 30 minutes is a good idea. If everything does go according to schedule, nothing stands in the way of having the movers start carrying the furniture or boxes and stacking them outside, making the loading simpler when the transport arrives. Otherwise you will find yourself panicking by the sight of the lorry parking, when you are only halfway through the packing and disassembling processes.  

The best parking spot for the moving vehicle is the one directly opposite the front door of your house or building. To assure that this happens even in the biggest rush hours, you only need to reserve parking spots directly in front of both residences on moving day. This has to be arranged in advance, of course, but saves lots of headaches, so make sure it's done.  

The proper loading of the moving van or lorry is a matter of experience. One way to handle it is to just leave it to the pros - this is the case if using a full moving service or a man-and-van service. If doing a DIY move, you have to manage to fit everything you own into the cargo space of the vehicle with no damage. Remember, every cargo vehicle looks enormous when you start loading it, and ridiculously small when it's three-quarters full and you are only half done loading it. The key to proper loading is proper stacking. Pay attention and put the heaviest items as far forwards as possible - load them first closely to the front wall of the cargo space behind the cab, and then put everything else, equally distributed between left and right, and well stacked - if you don't use the full height of the vehicle, your things will never fit inside.   

In the case of a DIY move you have to drive the vehicle by yourself, or perhaps it's better to ask someone with experience driving big vans and lorries. If you have no other choice but to drive by yourself, find some time to practice, because the van has much less manoeuvrability and a much bigger blind spot behind the two side mirrors

Even if you use or find professionals to drive your moving van or lorry, do your best to ensure that the vehicle will be driven straight between the two locations, and to avoid any additional maneuvering.

There is one key to quick and easy unloading of the moving vehicle, and that's proper loading. Proper loading does not only balance the vehicle, but is performed while consulting the furniture layout plan. If the latter is done right, the movers can start unloading and directly putting everything in place. It's that simple!

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