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Choosing Movers - Weighing Up Your Options

If you are reading this article then chances are you have already had a number of removal company representatives visit your house and have followed up by providing a written quotation for their services. Now you have to go about choosing one of them, and it is a tricky business but an important decision. Here are a few little things you should think about when comparing those quotes:1.    Are there at least three.If you haven't got at least three written quotes for services, you haven't got enough. Get on the phone and get a couple more to make sure you have a good selection to contrast and compare allowing you to make an informed decision. 2.    Are the quotes similar in priceIf any are rock-bottom cheap, view them with suspicion. There is usually a reason why services are that cheap, and unless they are running some form of promotion it isn't a reason that will be good for you and your possessions. By the same logic if any appear overly expensive try to work out why, and if you cannot find any reasons then discard immediately as you do not want to be paying over the odds! 3.    Research the companies onlineYou should already have done this before inviting them round to provide a quote, but make sure your removal company is doing the best it can every single time by doing a bit of digging online. Look for and forum threads and feedback from previous customers to build a picture of the company. You cannot risk being in the 2% of a company that only gets it right 98% of the time. If any companies are not up to scratch here then discard their quote as well.After this you should be left with similarly-priced quotes to get you and your possessions from A to B. Here's where to go next:4.    Are they BAR registered?The British Association of Removers set the bar in terms of level of service for removal companies throughout the UK. If the company in question is not a member, ask them why they are not subjecting their service to industry-accepted scrutiny and benchmarks of standard. It is always worth favouring a company that is part of this registered body to give you peace of mind that you will regard the best level of service possible. 5.    Look closely at the insuranceCheck the insurance levels and the type of insurance on offer. The more comprehensive the cover then the more expensive the quote is likely to be, but you need to be certain all your possessions are fully protected when in the care of the company in question. Favour quotes with a level of cover that makes you comfortable, as should the worst happen you need to be able to claim to the value of your possessions. 6.    Are they all giving you exactly what you want?In today's world removal packages are fully customisable, so you need to make sure you are getting everything you want from your package. If one company cannot start first thing, ask yourself why not and whether you want to make a compromise.7.    Was there a company you simply preferred?Once you have gone through the above criteria it simply comes down to preference. You have met the representatives in your home and heard all about the companies experience and track record. It now all comes down to your experiences and judgement which you should trust. Good luck!

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