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How to Pack Furniture for a Long-distance Transportation

Furniture is usually one of the most expensive belongings we have. People choose their furniture carefully, spend a lot of money on it and hence consider using it for a long period of time. Sometimes, though, you need to change your place. Of course, this needs to relocate might due to plenty of reasons - personal reasons, professional ones, etc. No matter why you need to move a new premises most surely you will need to take your furniture with you.  That is why you need to be well prepared how to pack such items good enough in order to protect them during the transportation and ensure their perfect condition upon arrival.
Moving furniture such as sofas, tables, beds isn't easy. These items are large and heavy and can be damaged. It's important to protect them during the move. There is no other way to protect them but to pack everything with proper care and attention. You should also ensure a safe and successful moving. Of course, it is always easy to hire professionals to have everything done for you, but when you move on a budget and can't afford it you'd better take a look at the following advices.

First, you should make a list of all the furniture to be moved so you have a clear idea of the work volume. Making a list will help you to determine how much time you will need to  pack and wrap the furniture and how much help you will need to lift the pieces into the van. Once you are aware of the above you can start gather all the packing materials you need. You will most definitely need plenty of plastic stretch wrap, tape, bubble wrap.You'd better also have old blankets and towels to put between the pieces.  Having the right packing supplies is a prerequisite for a safe moving.

Once you acquire the right materials, you can start the packing process. Firstly remove any items you have stored in closets. After that disassemble the pieces that can be taken apart. If you have any manuals for your furniture you'd better follow them strictly in order to remove the pieces properly. Thus your furniture will be more easily transported and prevented from damages.
Fragile items such as glass shelves or table plots should be carefully wrapped in old blankets or towels and put on a safe place in the van. The sofa, as one of the most important pieces of furniture, is other item that should be handled more carefully. The best way to secure it is to get specially made covers, which will protect it from rips, stains, and and moisture. Once the furniture is properly disassembled and wrapped up, you should load your pieces in the van or the truck. You should pay a lot of attention to the loading, as well as a proper loading ensure an easy transportation.

Of course, there is no way to guarantee that your furniture will arrive at your new place in the same condition as it was. By properly packing it you will prevent any unnecessary damage and ensure its safety during the move.

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