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Keeping Your Possessions Safe during Removals

Removals are very stressful, regardless of what type of removal you are planning on. However, nothing makes this experience more exciting than arriving at your new dream destination. So, the last thing you want to do is open your boxes to find your belongings damaged or broken. In the worst case scenario some of your boxes would even be non-existent! This article will give you some hints and tips which should help you keep your prized possessions safe. Some of these ideas may seem obvious, but it is often these points that are missed out. The first step into ensuring the safety of your belongings occurs during the packing stage. If your items are packed correctly, the chances of any damages or breakages are slim to none. When packing your possessions, always make sure that you use appropriate boxes, rather than carrier bags or bin bags. The cardboard boxes provide more protection to your items than just a mere bag. However, soft or unbreakable objects can be packed into black bags e.g. pillows.  Never over pack a box. This will put extra pressure on the box and may cause it to break. The last thing you want is for all your items to fall out of the bottom of the box while you are moving them. Boxes containing delicate objects should be labelled “fragile” not only for your purposes, but also to inform anyone who will be handling your boxes that extra care should be taken. Boxes with electrical items and other similar items should be labelled “this way up” to ensure the boxes are held correctly. Using bubble wrap and Styrofoam will further provide protection to your belongings. This is especially important when you are packing fragile objects such as glassware, picture frames, vases etc. Styrofoam can be used to pad boxes which contain expensive electrical items such as stereo systems, PC’s, TVs etc. For items which are very fragile, using a combination of bubble wrap and Styrofoam would not be a bad idea. Pillows, cushions, scarves, socks etc. can also be used to fill in any gaps and crevices in boxes, thus also providing some padding to your items. Keeping an inventory means that you will be able to make sure that all your boxes successfully make the move with you. Now we come down to the actual removal stage. It is always wiser to hire a removal company than handle a removal yourself. Removal companies hire fully trained staff who know exactly how to handle your belongings in a way in which damages and breakages are minimal. Always hire a removal service which is highly recommended and has good feedback. Testimonials can be found on websites. If a certain company has high ratings, you know your possessions are in safe hands. After all, trusting a company with bad reviews to handle your possessions is not wise!  Also, highly trusted, well established and commonly known removal companies are those who actually do know what they are doing, unlike those who only claim to be highly trained and skilled. Ensure that the service providers you are using are insured. This means that even if your items were to be lost, damaged or broken, they will be covered, giving you total peace of mind.   Accidental damage and breakage can always occur. However, following these few simple steps can help into making your possessions a little less prone to becoming damaged or broken. Knowing that your items are safe will always make you feel at ease, allowing you to worry about all the other aspects of your move.  

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