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Moving Office? Find Office Property in Ealing

The time has come for you to move to Ealing. You may be an existing business that needs to more space to enable you to expand or you may be a new business that is looking for your first, proper, business space.Now that you know you have to move then you need to start looking at where exactly to move to and what moving company to hire for your office removal. The location of your new office space could be vital to your business remaining stable, marketable and viable.If customers come to visit you in your office then you need to ensure that you find somewhere that is commutable; from airports, train stations and major roads. There is no point moving somewhere that no-one can find or get to! Also consider if you need parking. Whether it is for employees or visitors ensure you have ample parking. Due to the costs involved in office space you need to work out what size of property you are looking for. You do not want something that ultimately ends up being too small or too big. Apart from the fact that it will look either empty or cluttered, you could end up having to move again due to not taking the time in working out how much square foot you will occupy. You should also do a floor plan of where everything will be located on your new site. This will mean you are making the most of the space you have, utilising it to its full potential and getting your money’s worth! If you need a reception space with an area for a desk, filing cabinets and a printer or a reception space that consists only of a desk, then plan it! It will also mean you are buying the correct amount of furniture for the space you are using. You do not want to be buying items that then need to be stored away.Once you have made the move then you need to pass on the information to your customers. The last thing you need is for a client to be turning up at your old address for a vital business meeting! Make sure all your sure literature is updated with the correct address, and ensure you budget for this in your moving costs. Any meeting invites sent out should be followed up by a courtesy call or email to inform the client you have moved and ask if they need directions or further information.As long as you take the time to plan your move, whether it is to Ealing or Edinburgh, then you should not be caught out by silly problems, for example:•    Not enough room for all your furniture•    Neither your employees or your customers know where your new office is located•    There is nowhere for your signage to hang in the new office•    Not enough parking spaces It is these little things that can end up becoming bigger things and could ultimately have a detrimental effect on your business. A move is meant to be the start of something new and exciting for you and your business so take the time, research the area you are moving to, make multiple viewings of the space and take measurements of all the rooms and doorways (you need to get the furniture and equipment in!), plan your move…and make the move!

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