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Moving Tips For Your Car

It might sound strange but when moving to a new home one of the things you need to consider is the moving of your vehicle. Yes, this is not a joke. Although you think of it as a vehicle, your automobile is actually a part of the property that should be moved especially if you are moving to a long distance. Here are some tips on how to do it easily and effortlessly.

1.    General  advices

•    Schedule the time for the car removal
This should happen at least one month before the removal date. This will provide you with enough time to make all the necessary arrangements with a specialising company to take care of the car.
The truth is that, the earlier you arrange the time for moving the vehicle the smoother the removal will go. If you're not on the market, please organize someone to help you, for example a neighbour, a friend or someone from your family.

•    Insurance
Make sure the man and a van company will provide a proper insurance for your vehicle during the transportation. When the car is being picked up, the motive force will create a report for the car's current condition. And when the vehicle is brought to your new place make sure to check if everything is alright with it.

•    Personal things
Never leave any type of personal belongings in your vehicle. Before the man and a van company comes make sure you have checked the car and have taken out all important and valuable things. It is also a good idea to consider taking the spare tyres also out. Tyres are usually expensive and there is a chance that you might not find them when you arrive at the new place.

•    Delivery of the vehicle
Arrange things in such a way so that you will have a secure place to leave your vehicle in in case you are not able to take it right after the removal. Of course, this could and most likely will be a subject to extra charges that you should be prepared to pay for.  

2.    Specific  advices

•    Cost

Once dealing with a car moving company, make sure what the whole price of the service is going to be arranged before the removal. As you get quotes from many automobile transport companies, be ready to provide:

o    A location where you are moving to
o    approximate date when you will start the removal
o    the vehicle type
o    state the automobile transport service that you are looking for
o    any special requirements that you might have

3.    Payment for the shipment of your vehicle

While some car movement companies do not require the payment to be made beforehand, others insist on it. If a deposit is required, the overall payment should usually happen when the car is delivered to the new address - usually with a bank check or money. And if the company requires full payment, make sure to do it using credit card.

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