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Picking a Packing Service

Packing is often the most time consuming part of any move. While the moving itself is stressful, and will likely take you a full day or two; the preparation that goes into packing can take you anything up to a few months to do properly. There are a number of problems with this long-winded exercise. For one thing, with larger moves this can feel like a rather frustrating process - you pack things away that you later find yourself needing, and end up unpacking all over again, you have to deal with months of having your possessions in boxes that you then have to live around day-to-day. It is difficult to maintain a packing system that will help you when it comes to unpacking on the other side. In addition, this presupposes that you even have the time to put into all of this packing. Many people find that they are simply too busy to spend so many of their waking hours on putting their things into boxes, and end up only giving themselves a few days prior to the move. This throws up even more problems, such as the stress of knowing that you don't have a lot of time to get everything packed away. Also, it puts a lot of pressure on the quality of your packing, you have to ensure that everything is secure, everything ready to be picked up and whisked away. It is a lot to cope with. Getting someone in to help you can help relieve some of the stress caused by the above problems. Friends, family or neighbours are often more than happy to lend a hand when it comes to moving. This can help lighten the load, and gives you some company while you pack! However there are still problems with this. It can be difficult to explain to people who may not be so experienced in packing and moving how to put together a co-ordinated system that will be easy to sort out on the other end of the move. What if they keep putting your linen in the kitchen box, or the cutlery in the living room box!? Helping hands may help things move more quickly, but you may end up with chaos when you arrive at your destination. Also, your assistants may not be available for a long period of time, having to take time off work etc, and there's also the risk that they treat the whole enterprise like a social occasion! Another thing to consider is hiring someone to come in and give you some advice, supervision and support. It is often possible to hire more than one mover, so the whole process can be sped up quite considerably. Also, most charge by the hour, so it is easy to adjust budget effectively. Many movers also offer a packing service that can help you get packed up quickly and efficiently in your old house and get you ready for the new one. For example, man and van companies can provide tailored packaging materials for all the rooms in your house, be it larger boxes for appliances or wardrobe boxes for your clothes. There are many other benefits to getting someone in to help you pack up. Expert packers can do a lot more work in a lot less time than you on your own or other less experienced packers. All things considered, picking a packing service may help you cut out a lot of the stress associated with moving, and allow you to get settled into your new home quickly and comfortably.

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