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Questions to Ask Yourself before Saying Yes to a Career and Life-Changing Move

Death in the family or being offered an opportunity to move up the career ladder - these are just a couple of possible reasons why you will be saying yes to a move. Uprooting yourself from a place that you practically grew up in is really a difficult decision, except for those who have had a bad experience in their hometown. But more often than not, these moves are both career-changing and life-changing. So how would you know if you should say yes to such a move?   Here's a list of the questions that you should mull over first: -

What will I get in return of the move? Peace of mind, a chance to start over or a golden opportunity for your career. If any of these are the reasons behind your considering a life-altering move, then you should definitely say yes to it. -

From a practical standpoint, will my life be better off in the place that I will be moving to? Although there are emotional considerations that need to be made, you should also look at things from a practical standpoint. The minute that you plan a move, will you be saving money on living costs? If it's a job-related move that you have, will the living expenses be compensated with your higher salary? -

What's a back-up plan in case things do not work out as expected? Finally, make sure that there's a back-up plan. Not all moves turn out the way that you expect them to turn out. You might find out a few days later that there's a deal breaker about the place, or the people in it - which you absolutely cannot live with. In this case, it is better to have a plan B that you can fall back on in case things turn for the worse instead of the better.  

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