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Taking Care of Children During Removals

Moving with kids can be particularly taxing for a few reasons. Firstly, your children are probably not use to being around large groups of strangers and this is exactly the case when the removers invade your home. There is no way around this, of course, but it will not be pleasant for the children. Secondly, they will have no access to their things during the move and, as all parents know, a lack of distractions can and often does lead to some temper tantrums. Thirdly, moves are exhausting for everyone, so it comes as no surprise that they do take their toll on a child's energy levels. And last but not least, on a more emotional level, leaving one's childhood home is never easy, particularly if this is the only home your kids have ever known. It all sounds like a train wreck bound to happen, but luckily there are some things you can do to ensure a pleasant move for everyone - both children and adults.

1.    You will need to make sure that your children (especially young children) are under constant supervision. Do not leave the young ones alone for more than half an hour or they will get lonely and restless. If you cannot supervise them constantly, take turns or call a friend over to mind the children. Another idea is to send them over to a neighbouring family, where they can enjoy the company of other kids while still being under parental supervision.

2.    Nutrition is essential. Do not neglect feeding your kids a nutritious, healthy breakfast in the morning  just because you're stressed. Opt for fresh fruit and complex carbs and give them a meal that will keep them full and satisfied throughout the day. A hungry child is a cranky child. Additionally, take the time to prepare lunches in the morning, before the movers arrive and the commotion begins, as well as some healthy snacks and some travel snack packs. This way, you will get it out of the way early and still make the right choices for your children's nutrition.

3.    Comfort is important. Particularly with little children, they will not be able to feel completely at ease with strange people going about their home. Moreover, if all of their toys are packed, they will not have any welcome distractions and may become unruly and disruptive. To prevent this from happening, make sure to keep around one or two of their favorite toys or comfort items like blankets, dolls, sketchbooks and the like. These should not be packed along with the rest of the  boxes and they should be a part of your kit of moving essentials.

4.    Let the little ones help. Now, this may not be possible all of the time, but giving your kids some small tasks to help with along the way will give them a sense of fulfillment and they will feel included. It is important to make your kids feel like they are part of your world and not separate from it, and this means including them in the move in some way. Make sure the tasks you assign them match their current skill level and be there to constantly supervise and offer help.

5.    On the trip to your new home, find a way to distract the little ones or put them to sleep. Children generally do not handle long distance commutes well, so make sure you give them frequent rest stops, a lot of water and cut out any sugar before the trip begins.

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