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Time to Move into a New House with Your Cat

Moving is a little bit hard because it can give you stress. It can provide you some difficulties in terms of the moving process and adjustment. This cannot only affect you but even to your pets like cats and dogs. You must plan ahead and do the proper things so you can have a more comfortable way of moving.   The best thing to do will be to take your cat to the cattery and let other people to take care of her. You can get her back after you have already moved to your new place. But doing this may cost you a little and you prefer an alternative. If so, you better take your cat with you and put her in a proper cage or box with holes. You can save some amount of money in this case.   Familiarity is also an important thing to consider when moving with your cat or other animals. You must let your pets get familiar to the boxes and the vehicle you will be using. There's a tendency they may get panic and try to find a way to escape. You don't want to lose any of your pets anyway, so try to consider this matter, too.   Feeding your cat or other animals with a small meal earlier in the morning is also a must. Each of your pets must be well treated right before you move.   All of these things are essential considerations you need to remember. You have to help your cat or other pets to adjust also when moving into a new house.

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