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Tips on How to Organize the Move

Once the move is decided you have to act immediately. You should start listing every task that you need to do. Of course, you can add more tasks as you remember them. Then if you don't have a new home yet, you can start searching for one. You can do it yourself. You can also simply call your real estate agent to give you a listing.   Since packing is the most time consuming part of the move, you should start doing it as soon as you can. But first, you should segregate all your things so you can get rid of the things you don't need any more. You can donate them or you can also sell them through garage sales or in flea markets. This would even give you money for the other removals expenses.   Before you start packing though, you should buy all the packing materials you will need. After segregating your things, you should already be able to estimate the amount of boxes, tapes, bubble wraps and other packing materials. When you pack your things, you should start with the items that you seldom use. And you should pack the essentials last. It is important that you label the boxes so you will know what they contain. It would even be better if you number them so you will know which to open first. Label where each box will go too so movers will know where to put them.   If you are going to hire a removals company, you should do so at least 4 weeks before the move. The same should be done if you will hire a man and a van or trucks. Before doing so though, try to compare quotes to get a good deal. 

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